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Temme GmbH & Co.KG
Oehrkstrasse 2-4
D-32457 Porta Westfalica

Tel.: +49(0)5731 - 76 40 - 0
Fax: +49(0)5731 - 76 40 -20

Historie Temme Bau

Historie Temme Bau

Historie Temme Bau

History of Temme GmbH

1920 Paul Timmerberg und Brünger sen. found a structural engineering company.

1945 Splitting up the company into 2 equal parts.
Hans Brünger continues with the company part of his father.

1964 Dipl.Ing. Gerhard Temme joins the company.

1965 Company Hans Brünger becomes foundation member
of Transbeton Löhne. Transbeton produces ready-mixed concrete and has shares in concrete production and building material testing. Today Temme Bau is the fourth nominal and biggest buying partner.

1970 Commercial register:
Baugeschäft Hans Brünger, owner Gerhard Temme

1974 Trade under the name Temme GmbH & Co. KG.
The construction company expands the scope of business and offers structural engineering, steel concrete engineering, civil engineering

1980 The company moves from Bad Oeynhausen to Porta Westfalica, the present place of residence. There are 2 ha stocking space and a complex administration building.

1990 Increasing involvement in nationwide building sites due to the opening of the borders. The number of turn-key increases constantly.

1997 Foundation of sister company T-Beton GmbH & Co. KG in Bösel/Oldenburg, Germany. T-Beton produces ready mixed concrete and offers concrete pump achievements.

2000 Doubling of number of staff and integration of substantial parts of building company A.F. Groh Baugesellschaft.

2002 Foundation of sister company baumat GmbH & Co. KG, building materials trade.

2004 Constant growth due to regional and nationwide building projects in structural and civil engineering steel concrete as well as turnkeys and remedial works.