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Temme GmbH & Co.KG
Oehrkstrasse 2-4
D-32457 Porta Westfalica

Tel.: +49(0)5731 - 76 40 - 0
Fax: +49(0)5731 - 76 40 -20

Umbau des Büro- und Geschäftshauses in Hannover Bahnhofstraße

Actual Projects

Renovation of office block and business premises
in Hannover, Bahnhofstraße

Our task is to renovate a former cinema complex with included textile business and several medical practices into a shopping center on 4 floors with an area of 4000 qm (see photograph). The medical practices will be maintained.

This project includes extravagant glass elevators and curved steel glass stairs on 4 floors. The complete building is to be measured statically and therefore it has to be stiffened with a steel-frame building.

New building of BRECO Administration building
in Porta Westfalica

Here we implemented the ready for occupancy work of an administration building within only 9 months.

New building of a wintergarden with sauna
in Porta Westfalica

This project we received from a private customer. We did also the planning for sauna and all furnishings.

New building of administration building
„Schäferbarthold“ mit Tiefgarage

We did these works in carcassing, mostly as concrete skeletal structure.

New building of an apartment house in the city center
of Minden, directly at "Schwanenteich" (big pont)

An extensive preservation of water was necessary because 1,5 floors are inside the earth.

Construction project: High warehouse "Schäferbarthold“
With an overall length of 100 m, width of 50 m and high
of 17 m. We executed this project as a general employer.
Place: Porta Westfalica.